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Denied Sex by Husbands

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Denied Sex by Wives

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Passive Aggressive Issues

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In Your Marriage?
Are You Sexually Satisfied, If Not Why?
 Discover More Information on hints and tips to a FULLFILLED Married Sexual Life in this Online Coaching Program!

 Do You Feel Disintergrated & Separated - Yet Close To Each Other?
Sex is the only way of connecting to your wife Or husband emotionally and physically. Sex builds a bond that promotes closeness and emotional intimacy. Sex is the glue that holds a marriage TOGETHER. If a Marriage is deficient Or void of it, depending on the reasons - it can be very detrimental...


In the beginning, your wife/husband was charming and quite appealing. You had no problems with intimacy in your relationship. Both you couldn't keep your hands off of each other. You felt desired, cherished and loved.


Before long, the atmosphere changed. Your wife/husband became less and less interested in sex. Your wife/husband is still charming and appealing and yet you, your level of sex desire hasn't changed but that person who once seemed so giving sexually has now become rather stingy with her/his affections. You find yourself wondering, "what happened?"


I am not suppose to preach on this that hard, because its straight forward when your relationship has run deficienct of SEX, why wait till its preached it like a sermon?

You  need this Online Coaching Program, it might take time to produce you with solutions BUT it will definitely yield solutions to your desired result....

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Marriage &..

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Some would disagree but it's my opinion that the sharing of intimate pleasure in a marriage enables couples to bond more deeply as friends. That deep rooted friendship will sustain the marriage during turbulence even as the couple ages.


 Could she be withholding sex to punish you due to an inability on her part, Or could it be that she is expressing healthy anger? If your wife is passive aggressive, this could be the case. Those who deal with conflicts in a passive aggressive manner have coping mechanisms that tell their brains to stop needing such things as sex and emotional connection with a spouse. Could it be that its your husbands who is a victim of all above?


If she is withholding sex she could be doing so because she truly has stopped needing sex with you and, her reptilian brain has come up with a masterful way to punish you instead of openly expressing dissatisfaction with you?


Sexual rejection, especially by someone who vowed to "love, honor and cleave unto" you is devastating. It leaves you feeling unattractive and undesirable by the person you find most attractive and desirable and therefore the situation needs help before destroying your relationship and feelings.


You may internalize her/his rejection and blame yourself by thinking you are not attractive enough; sexy enough, thin enough, smart enough. Her/his actions will give root to unhealthy beliefs about yourself and your values as a person and a sexual being but like I mentioned, you both need caution to procede.

There is the danger of depression, loss of hope, you may feel old before your time and there is certainly a sense of shame. Shame over the fact that your own spouse does not desire you any more! All what you importantly need is help. Don`t break down in the process...


This shame keeps you from sharing your problems with someone else. You find yourself with no support system and the growing belief that there is something terribly wrong with you.


The passive aggressive wife who withholds sex has emotional issues she is refusing to deal with. As a result, both of you end up each one with your own emotional issues to deal with, on top of a sexless marriage. 

Its a delicate issue, but better talked about than silent cold warring.If you could negotiate for an audience - even if it doesn`t work in a day - patience and focust will take us there.

Don`t worsen the situation by doing nothing positive but begin today, like NOW to do something POSITIVE for your relationships.

The Marriage and Family - Denied Sex Series is a subscription membership Coaching Online Program, which drip feeds you with videos, text and imagery content earmarked to bring enlightenment into the area of your relationship and health SEXUAL life in the Marriage.

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Membership Description

In the beginning, your wife was charming and quite appealing. You had no problems with intimacy in your relationship. Your wife couldn't keep her hands off of you. You felt desired, cherished and loved.
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